Friday, November 28, 2008

A Tale of Three Boots

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The one on the left is my husband's. I saw this boot in a window of an army-navy surplus store in some dinky CA town many many many years ago and convinced him to go in the store, saying I was looking for a trench coat, which I was, but I was really more interested in these boots.

Unfortunately for me, the smallest men's size they had was an 8, which would not work for me. Fortunately for him, they had a 12 and for $60, he scored an awesome boot.
I spent the next 13 years looking for a similar deal and finally ended up with the shorter side zip version shown here, bought on sale at a going out of business department store. They worked fine under long jeans, but I still kept looking for the taller version- to wear with everything else. They surfaced three months later at 75% off when the sister department store also when out of business.

And that is the story of three boots in the closet.
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