Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You thought the election was scary?

Just another night in at our place. Zombie Brides, bloody surgeons, crazy music, fog and screaming. Oh, and candy.
We are already planning for next year, after scooping up hundreds of dollars worth of 50-75% off deals at Walgreens and Target. The graveyard will be expanded by about 7 tombstones and another 30 feet of fencing, The large ghoul will have a few brothers and more battery operated motion-sensored spooks will join the cast.
I'll have to remember to buy an extra extension cord and outdoor light outlet this Christmas and toss it in the Halloween bin so I don't go nuts looking for them again an hour before the little kids come around.
My problem now is that my pastor neighbor probably expects just as much enthusiasm for Christmas. *sigh*

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