Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let's play a game. "If I had an assistant..."

I'd ask her to make me a dentist appointment at the new dentist's office, on a day I won't be able to cancel. Ditto the chiropractor, waxer, and massage therapist.

I'd hand off the gift wrapping duties and send her to the post office.

I's ask her to complete all the tasks on the chalkboard, or find someone who could.

If I had an assistant...
she would have to be very energetic.

she would eagerly return my emails, update my website, pull all my accounting files and balance my checkbook, while folding the laundry and catching up with my mother on the phone.

If I had an assistant, she would love me so much she'd work for free and feel lucky to have a job---
okay now it sounds like I need an intern.
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