Friday, January 23, 2009

I waited a good long time to say, "My psychic told me..."

He read these cards and told me wonderful, curious things and also some bad, sorrowful things. Just to be fair.
They say reading tarot cards can foster hope and temperance.
These particular cards are called PSY CARDS. They explore Jungian psychology in tandem with the meanings of the 40 cards in the PsyCard System deck.
it was pretty cool, except for me insulting the cat.
My friend who came with me did not have half as good a time, or half as good a psychic, but he still bought me lunch.

The good?
I will get a literary agent this year, someone I will meet at an event in Feb.
He will sell my book in or by June. It will make me money.
I will have a whirlwind year from June 09 to June 2010.
IRS problem will end in our favor.
Money will never be a problem.
Health is all good.
I married the right man.
Something to do with horses or dude ranches.. .( maybe I'll adopt a cowboy?)
Ocean good place for me to write.
Will get a brand new house in new 1-2 years and have no problem buying it or
selling existing one.

The bad?
Brand new house not near ocean.
Someone older and sick who I am not close to ( not parents) in my family will not make it through the year.
No time to travel this summer.
My daughter will be a pain in the ass for 5 years.
My son probably won't be a gynecologist.
My father in law really was a stubborn man with issues that never would have been resolved.
Some friendships weren't meant to be.

Best 55 bucks I've ever spent.

My gift:
You can read your future too.
Go here for a Free Tarot card reading.
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