Monday, January 26, 2009

More books, authors and events.

Yes. There were more writer events this weekend. We went to The Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur.
This is my friend David Fulmer. He's a great writer. If you don't know his stuff. You should.

This is me and Kari making a Fulmer Sandwich. His request. Photo by his lady.

And the following video is of a reading of the first chapter of his new book, Lost River , by an adorable actress named Portia.

See a recent LOST RIVER review here. Buy the book and his others here.

After the reading we went out for a few Belgium beers at our favorite place, then made a pit stop closer to home to a smelly, smoky bar with many many many young kids... something the Sheriff seems to know, as two of their patrol cars were staking out the access roads to said bar.
And yes, of course, we got stopped.
No I wasn't driving.
and yes, my friend can lie very very well.
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