Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's all bitch about our HOA.

....sung to the tune of MY DICK, from Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay...

My HOA wants me to change my blinds.
Your HOA says your payment's running behind.

My HOA drives around in Caddies.
Your HOA will fine you for noise on St. Paddy's.

My HOA tells what color to paint my door.
Your HOA is run by a whore.

My HOA says don't park in the street.
Your HOA says you ain't fuckin neat.

My HOA closes the pool when kids pee.
Your HOA thinks your yard is weedy.

My HOA told me to hide my trashcan.
Your HOA gives it to you in the ass, man.

My HOA charges too much for too little.
Your HOA's covenants read like a riddle.

My HOA says no to sheds.
Your HOA wants you to prune your beds.

My HOA is run by Nazi finks.
Your HOA is full of MILFs and DINKs.

My HOA took down the basketball nets.
Your HOA won't let you park your jet.

My HOA won't answer the phone.
Your HOA won't toss you a bone.

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