Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living a Dimmer Life

I have this thing about lighting.
I think it is the most important piece of ambiance one can master. Think of the moods set by bright sunshine, by soft candlelight, by the foggy gloom of a rainy day...

I used to be into the whole candle thing, but wax drippings and the black smoke marks and all the fire hazards... well, now I leave the candlelit moments up to long baths, outdoor lanterns and special dinner celebrations.

Now, I create my candlelit atmosphere with dimmer switches on every possible lamp in my house. I have been known to unscrew bulbs in people's chandeliers hanging over a card table so the people across from me look softer, so I don't have to squint, so I can feel more at ease.

I have even given dimmer switch installation sets as house warming gifts.

So, yesterday when I went out to buy some replacement bulbs I was surprised to see my regular fix had changed.
No longer are we offered traditional incandescent bulbs of 40 watt, 60 watt 75 watt or 100 watt bulbs.
Now, it's wattage like this: 34/52/67/90

or for the really dim... 200 watts.

How odd is that?
Even saying it sounds stupid. "I need a 67 watt bulb, please."
And if you're shopping at WalMart, like I was, you might want to learn how to say it in Spanish.

I know, the whole incandescent bulb thing is going the way of the cost effective, yet ugly fluorescent bulbs which make everything look worse and have a high pitched whine to them that bothers me and the neighborhood dogs.
what's a girl to do--- besides stockpile all the old fashioned bulbs she can find?
Bulbs she will one day sell on E- Bay.
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