Friday, April 3, 2009


I saw this twitter today and it totally creeped me out.

I know how some people are joking on there, and how some are looking for attention and how some are marketing themselves.. and how some of us use it to connect with friends.
But that whole cry out touched me, and I wonder if there is something there and how would you help and how would you know.. I mean are there Twitter police? A Twitter Emergency squad?

Someone who will arrive at your designated Twitter-fied GPS location to pull the knife out of your hand, the pills from your mouth, the nasty screw-you email from your send finger? Would they rush you fresh coffee when yours ran low? Take your kids to school when you overslept? Take care of the abusing spouse in a way only abusing spouses can be taken care of?

Or am I making the whole thing more twitterific than it really is?

Oh, and yes. I do. Frequently.

THAT POST WAS REAL! And I blogged about it first.
Check it out here.
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