Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's talk TV.

I have been oddly silent about my TV viewing lately.
But a few comments about 2 of my addictions is in order.
First? LOST.
Oh yeah.
Last night was everything I expected, and more. Enough to make me login to i-tunes and find those podcasts I used to follow then listen in to speculations and praise.

If you aren't a LOST fan, there is something wrong with you. It has all the elements of smart TV, and some pretty people too. It's not too late, you ca watch all the seasons on DVD, and most of the episodes on your computer from this site.


Well, sure, we all knew Adam Lambert was good. Unlike those secretly wishing they could be plucked from ordinary lives contestants, he was already performing in musicals, he lived in LA, he was cool and suave and played it all too well.
When these photos of him surfaced,
I was curious how it would affect his popularity, curious to see if he would answer the accusations, because what does sexuality have to do with his voice? Seeing him drop to the bottom three answered one of those questions... after last night, I wondered if the screaming half-naked female would have still stormed the stage in San Diego knowing her AI crush was gay?

Oh, and AI! Thanks for the gratuitous T and A last night, from Alicia Keyes appearing bra-less to Katy Perry's ass hanging out of her Elvis costume, I forgot I was watching FOX.
Jordin Sparks was in fab voice and looked beautiful. You can see the perfomances here.

Can't wait to see what happens next week, as now it's down to the the sweet little married boy from Arkansas who performed one of my favorites songs from the movie ONCE...
and an amazingly talented sexy rocker guy who probably never needed American Idol to begin with.
Maybe this time I'll actually vote.
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