Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It wasn't me. Thank God.

Growing up with three sisters, I always had someone to blame- for the broken vase, for the dirty dish in the sink, for the wet towel on the floor. Our mother frequently referred to this classic Family Circus cartoon... understanding exactly how that worked.

Last week, someone tried to kill a venomous snake and instead killed our downspout and housing.
Someone tried to play soccer with little girls and ended up breaking one of their wrists.
Someone forgot how to pedal their bike and wasn't wearing a helmet.
Someone didn't finish their homework.
Someone tried to hide the mess in the closet by simply closing the doors.
Someone left a multi-colored pen in their pocket then washed a full load of whites.
Someone forgot which store and even which mall held the necessary item they needed to buy

Someone didn't go to graduation.
Someone forgot they weren't supposed to ride the bus home, but wait in the parking lot.
Someone tried to get out of church.
Someone didn't save the reading list.
Someone ate all the chicken in a biscuit crackers.
Someone ordered the wrong pizza.
Someone messed up the TV settings.
Someone didn't clean up their room.

and for once? Guess what...

 it wasn't me.
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