Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part 2 Vacation Post Wherein I teach my kid to steal

Renting a beachfront townhouse is never a bad idea. Easy to reach the beach, private bathrooms and cold beer nearby. Only thing is, other folks may want to join you on your perfectly empty stretch of beach. they may even want to shoot an an for YOLO boards, or COASTAL LIVING.

They might even climb on ladders to get the perfect shot and forget those bags of brand new YOLO t-shirts laying in the sand.... on a path directly to my town house.
They may pack up their boards and their sun hats and their classic VW camper bus and drive off leaving their litter behind. A few plastic sand filled cups, one coffee container and gee, look son... four brand new t-shirts, just our size.

Hey, it made the nonshark attack and the almost drowning and enduring both the shittiest meal ever at Goatfeathers and a 24 hour 10 year old barffest almost forgettable, because who doesn't like free stuff, especially when it feels like you've gotten away with something illegal.

Note to the YOLO board folks. We will wear your shirts proudly and even though, as a friend pointed out, we are inland and nowhere near the beach and YOLO board places... consider this free advertising. You're welcome.

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