Monday, August 17, 2009

The Circle of Life

Don't worry I'm not going to go Disney on you. I was just remarking the other day that if life is cyclical, as we all believe it to be, wouldn't it be nice to know if you're on the side of the wheel that's going up? Or the side that's coming down...

In my head, the circle isn't lying flat and logical on a piece of paper, it's more like a big ferris wheel, or a 3D circle movie in a really big theater, with super expensive tickets and loads of advertising.

I took classes in fashion design in college, and one of the things my professor went on and on about was how hemlines of women's skirts and the stock market move in the same direction, which I thought was kind of funny, as most people know how male oriented the stock exchange is... don't they? Or maybe that was the point?
At any rate, if you look at history, it's pretty much right on the money. Miniskirt? stocks up. Maxi/ peasant dresses? stock market down.

In my own little circle of life, I went from fashion classes to finance classes... perfecting the pre-mentioned model.
These days, my cyclical life is a bit more complicated, with more cogs on the wheel, more spokes to stick my playing cards in, and yet? I'm still interested in what's around the corner. ( think about the following fashion trend as an analogy for your life cycle with relationships? with exercise? with jobs? with friends? with food/diet/alcohol? with your belief system? with your family?)

Think of me as the student in the back of the classroom
in the 80's scribbling away in her notebook, choosing one element of women's fashion to expose the theory : a woman's shoulder.
1980's shoulder pads were in, the bigger the better, A masculine look was key. They were everywhere, sewn into jackets, velcroed to shirts, added to lingerie straps. As the decade wore on they were reduced in size until by the late nineties we were cutting them out of anything we still wanted to wear. The shoulder started to drop, with wider open collars, the off the shoulder look, the slumped, sexy, skin revealing, more feminine look came back. By the end of that decade, cap sleeves, pointed futuristic shoulder details brought more attention to the shoulder,
reducing the fabric until it became an asymmetrical approach, the single shoulder strap, the one arm bared,
and then of course, with no place else to go? The shoulder is completely bared with the return of the tube top, the corset, the bared shoulder and arm was all over at this event.

Sure, weather can have something to do with fashion trends, but
let me be the first to warn you, the shoulder is coming back in 2010 and it's going to be big and bad and spacy.
And you're going to wish you'd kept that old suit.

Life on earth is cyclical. The great part about that is you always know where you’re headed next.

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