Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music with a Purpose. Served up Two Ways.

I believe in the magical quality of music. Of the healing power of positive words. So when I found out about N.E.D. I had to share it.
This group is not just full of talented musicians and songwriters, but they are a rock band with a purpose.
N.E.D. was named for "No Evidence of Disease" -- a phrase that every gynecologic oncologist hopes to tell a patient after undergoing cancer treatment.

This band's made up of six gynecologic cancer surgeons with a mission to enhance knowledge about the disease, bring hope through rhythm for women undergoing treatment, and raise awareness & money for the fight against women's reproductive cancers.

Their CD is slated for release on September 8th to coincide with Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and they include informational booklets about gynecologic cancers entitled, “What Every Woman Should Know.” Net proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the N.E.D. Cancer Foundation in association with the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) to educate the public about gynecologic cancers and support promising research.

Here's one of my favorite songs: False Pretenses
Listen to more here. and fan them on their FaceBook page.

I'm wishing them all the best in this endeavor.

Some of my bunko mates and I brought on our own healing night of music last night.....

when we braved the stairs outside the Japanese restaurant where we had a great dinner- to enter the Korean karaoke house. It was set up so different than how Americans do it, and since I've never been to Korea.... it was all new to me.

The last bunko- karaoke night was years ago and got us booted from a local coffeehouse, and the last time I was with some of these gals we saw a fight break out...

So maybe little Momma singstore owner knew we were trouble and that was why she rushed us into the big room with no delay.

We were led to the largest karaoke room. Everyone who comes in gets their own room and system. We had a nice long couch and table and two large monitors. The speaker system was awesome and the flashing laser light show pretty cool, although we had some trouble with the controls on the complicated remotes... getting some Korean lyrics and a very very slow tempo on a few songs but nothing we couldn't work around.
After a few hours of fun, we were ready to head back home, crawl into bed and set the alarm to get the kids on the bus in the morning, most of our worries left behind in a dimly lit, well padded and very private fifty dollar room.
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