Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't I know you?

I started off my month of shoe blogging with some new shoes I recently purchased, some have made it out of the closet.. and some are still unsure of their sexuality. Remember this shoe ?
She had a lot of issues, and now I think she may be the evil twin to this shoe.

"Ah-hah!" You say. "Oooh," I say, noting the purple 60% off sticker. "Hmm," you add scratching your size 10 foot, wondering if they might run a bit on the large side.
SLAM! That's the sound of my door closing as I run out to see if the black twin is still on the racks.
And speaking of racks, which sounds a bit like rackets.. here's an idea that might actually work for me, as I actually have experience selling shoes. It would be just another something for me to do, I mean, if there were another five hours in a day, I could.
Imagine, me- making money- reselling shoes. This gal did.

Yes, I know that it would mean I have to give away shoes. But I could do it for men, or for ladies with tiny feet. Like a charitable thing. Right?
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