Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blurring the lines: Be A Gladiator

I'm pretty sure we all saw this movie. I mean, who doesn't like men with swords, wearing chainmail, men with sexy accents and enough muscles and angst to get the attention of Queens, or Princesses. A storyline that is all hero all the time... where somebody falls in love, somebody deceives, somebody is left wanting and somebody dies.
I think the era, the clothing, the okay- skin and leather and buckles and straps is all a part of it.

So, when the "old gladiator sandal" made a comeback a few summers ago, no one flinched. Some folks took it too literally, wearing sheets on Holllywood Blvd. Brandishing longswords and chest plates in the ATL... but for the most part, we paired subdued strappy sandals with floral sundresses and called ourselves fashion forward.

I couldn't do it... not the flat ones anyway. and when I saw these on the last chance sale rack at the shoestore for 80% off, all I could think was Halloween, costume, toga party, and that I would have made a really really bad Gladiator.

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