Sunday, November 29, 2009

It was a black Friday, a social Saturday and somehow I ended up in Detroit in Sunday

Those are all great excuses for missing three days of November Shoe Posts. And if you have stuck with me this long, then you will be glad for this gift I'm going to give you.
Call me Mrs. Claus.

1. A Black Friday secret. NOVEMBER 27
Buy something- anything days in advance of Thanksgiving day at the store you plan to visit for the great deals on Black Friday. Return this item on Black Friday, and use the opportunity to also make your super duper sale item purchases at customer service, where there will little to no line.

2. NOVEMBER 28 Shop for shoes here- at home in your pajamas with a 100% price and happiness guarantee, free overnight shipping and free returns.

3. wi-fi inflight. NOVEMBER 29 Delta has it free right now, hosted by E-Bay.
I am shoe shopping at 12000 feet.

what do you think?

Evening shoe from Piper Lime or this one?

All needed to match the vintage dress my sister found for me in the attic room of a tiny downtown eatery and craft shop in Central New York.
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