Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Okay. I admit it. I failed.

I said I'd give you 30 days of shoes. I only gave you 29. I said I'd make the appointment for the car, dog, painter, computer repair, instead, I wrote. I said I'd drop the drycleaning and finish the wash, instead, I moved desks and bought linens. I said I'd be done by 5-- I wasn't. I said I'd wait for you to call me, that I was fine with that. I'm not. I said I'd pick up everything on the list. But I forgot to turn it over. I said I'd send out all the old stories and place them all. I only placed three. I said I'd work out every morning, but it was afternoon before I got out the door. I said I'd make dinner- well, I did make the call for the delivery of dinner, does that count? I said I didn't need any help, that I could it all by myself. I can't.
Go ahead, call me a failure.
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