Thursday, November 19, 2009

Momma said you gotta wear white on wedding day

The wedding story.. the shoe part 2.

These are the shoes I wore at my wedding in Firenze, Italia.
These are the shoes that were buried in my closet in California, that I had to call home from a payphone in Germany to ask my fiance to bring for me. Do you know how hard it is to find white shoes in Europe after August? Do you know how difficult it is to operate a payphone in Dusseldorf?

In hindsight, the wedge heel was a blessing when I had to run through cobblestone streets (the morning of our nuptials we got lost on our way to the Palazzo Vecchio)

almost missing our own wedding.
Yep, that's me the blushing- er- squinting bride.

I may have worn the shoes one more time since returning home in 1992, but I'm certain I did not feed the strap through the buckle without thinking of a red room, a smiling consulate and a very sweaty, very nervous groom.
( A groom who cut off my feet in this picture, before he took for Chinese food in Italy.)

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