Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ken Green, the golfer with really really bad luck.

Mr. Green,
 I first heard your story when my friend, Mitch said he was writing a screenplay about your life. He told me of your sense of humor, ( the alligator), of your positive outlook during recovery, of the way in which you were attacking life as it came at you.
I immediately went home and looked up your blog, read the story of your accident, and became- although silent- one of your greatest fans.

 I am heartbroken. I can offer my sincere condolence, on the loss of your son, Hunter.
I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are feeling, or the immense struggle your life has become. I can only feel guilty for the blessings I have- for the life I take for granted.

I love what one of your readers wrote:
 "May God keep you in his palm..."
 I can only add.
 And not close His hand into a fist.

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