Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SO... whatcha been doin?

Who me?
 Oh, just the usual. Writing. Reading. Working out. Laundry.
 What's that? Oh, yeah. Family is good. House is fine.
 Weather sucks.
 I know, can you believe it?
 Like three times!
SO, yeah, I'm shopping for beach houses.
That is in my spare time, when I'm not editing the new anthology for SCRATCH.
 You know SCRATCH, the quarterly writing contest?
 Yes, this book kicks ass. It is so cool this year.
 We have tons of marketing plans AND we're going to expand it to include poetry and have a section for the JUNIOR WRITERS.
 Yep. Kids.
I'm in a new writing group too. Really smart, savvy published authors. I'm lucky they took me in. They're reading my new novel, 3 Women Walk Into a Bar. 
So far, they like it. It's different for me. I'm almost done.
What's that? The Savannah story? We're Not Waving We're Drowning?
Still waiting for some news from New York with the agent...
 yes, the waiting game. 
 I stink at it.
 SO, do you know how make a cake that looks like a refrigerator?
 Because I have to do that in 2 weeks. Nope, not kidding.
I keep dreaming about it, so I think I'll be able to pull it off.
 Yeah, who said that... If you can dream it, you can do it...
I don't know.
Was it you?

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