Thursday, March 25, 2010

This, That and the Other

I went to the beach.

I made a cake.

 My daughter's team made state in the Smarty Pants Contest. ( ok it's not really called that but I like that name.)

I met a girl who can complete Rubik's Cube in 16 seconds.

I finished compiling and editing VOLUME 2 of SCRATCH for publication in April with the help of the AWESOME LISA!

 this is our cover art by the coolest Henry Avignon.

I am heading to Louisville Kentucky for the first time ever tomorrow with my fun friend D for a work project. I'll be gathering truckers to appear in the non fiction photo essay book that celebrates the modern truck driver:
And meeting up with this fab photog. check out Avital's stuff.

 And as if the Universe wasn't properly aligned enough.. with Jesus in my corner and a whole slew of supporters on my side...
It will be my 47th birthday on Saturday, at this show.

Yeah, I'm not your typical Mommypants.
Thank God.
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