Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes, Mom. It was another one of "only you, Linda" moments.

I've been a bit secretive about a current project, but it's time to bust out and tell all. Don't worry I'll keep it PG, just in case any kids are doing a reverse POS. ( that's text speak for: parent over shoulder).

I went here to gather more research and candidates for the secret project.

The working title is: We Brought It. You Bought It. This unique photo-essay book goes on the road and behind the scenes with 50 Modern Truck Drivers in an attempt to entertain and educate the public, hopefully changing cliched views of "the trucker."
For this daunting task, I hooked up with the fabulous NY photographer Avital Aronowitz and stole a savvy blonde bombshell named Donna, to ride co-pilot to this event:

On the way, we did what girls do... talk and snack. Until we hit this traffic jam in Tennessee. caused by an accident ... which oddly enough- on our way to a trucking convention- involved a loaded semi- tractor trailer on his way home and a van of Mennonites on their way to a wedding. yep. Start the prayers, 'cuz it ain't pretty.

We created our own detour snaking through traffic, driving the wrong way on the shoulder and finding a u-turn that led us back to a series of country roads peppered with barns, silos and cows.

 I "heart" the black cow! There is a video of them running after us, as we rode slowly along their fence... it's debatable whether they were more intrigued by Hans-Sharon, the German sports car, or My Humps blaring out the open windows.

Unlike the convoy of truckers in the Papa John's Stadium parking lot, we checked into the Crowne Plaza and were welcomed by a wall of bourbon and Degas sketches of horses asses.

Avital was hard at work at the Expo, shooting shiny chrome and meeting Trick My Truck dudes.

 I climbed into the first rig I saw:
Donna honked the horn of a MACK. Oops.

And we found  fancy sleeper cabs with killer TVs, showers, toilets, full kitchens and as one trucker said, "Better stuff than what I got in my house."

we saw trucks like this  and some that even had stripper poles
because, you may run out of dollar bills someday.
 Of course it wasn't all chrome, alligator skin, Southern accents and big tires.. we had some girl time, Cheezits and wine,                                                   and celebrating my birthday in a padded cell.
Have to say it was the most productive and fun-filled, eye opening weekend I have had in a long, long time... hanging with the most generous, fun-loving happy people you'd ever want to call friends... even if some of them are self-proclaimed ex-outlaws with hermaphroditic pugs.
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