Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I could easily give up TV right now.

It's all over for me. The Survivor has been crowned, the last runway challenge completed, In New Zealand, those models can cat fight all they want. No one is racing across the world, and in a few more hours, no one will be singing their heart out for SImon.
 I don't care about singles seeking tv edited love or has-beens making dance show come backs, and I only watched 10 episodes of 24, so I am probably years behind in Jack's days.. having fallen for another heroic Jack.
And yes, LOST is over. Yielding an ending that was pretty much what I thought all along, making me feel smarter than I deserve to feel.
I could turn off the TV now, rent my movies from the internet and blockbuster, watch occasional programs via HULU and save a crapload of cable money...
 I'm thinking about it.

Except for this.
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