Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I walked 12.8 kilometers through a gorge in Crete Saturday. What did you do?

 And the whole way, the 11 year old WHINED. I was kind of glad the 16 year old was lagging behind.
We finished in under 5 hours.  
Do you KNOW how far 12. 8 kilometers is? 

AND at the end of the hike, you still aren't done. It's another 10 minutes to walk into town, another 100 meters to the beer stall and another 50 meters to the tzatziki.
 I'm just saying.
Sure, I worried about the missing boy.I asked strangers, cute Swedish hiker dudes, and  after my daughter and I ate, drank and swam in the Libyan Sea, I convinced a man with a little bus to drive me up a hill- all in sign language. I wasn't walking anymore... even for my firstborn ...
Oh, not to worry. I found him. 
He was hot, sweaty, sore, and had just finished eating a hamburger.
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