Thursday, August 26, 2010

He said International Comfort Food, and I was hooked

In that strange way of the universe, I was sitting at a local bar the other night, talking to a friend who is going back into the work force after years off as a SAHM, and it turned into- as you know it does for writers- a plot, with characters and a perfect setting.
Have you ever sat at a bar and guessed about the occupation of the person sitting next to you?
Sometimes it's very simple.
The executive with the Blackberry and briefcase, the airline pilot, the frazzled woman who purse dangles a photo key chain with way too many kids pictures.

And sometimes, the person is still dressed in their uniform which tells you this.
 Here's some of the international comfort food my new friend Enrico, his wife and mother make at a wonderful little place I am certain to visit soon.

So, now I have to decide, will someone get murdered, robbed or fall in love in this new setting?
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