Sunday, August 29, 2010

Put it on a Stick. They'll eat it and love it.

 It's STATE FAIR time, and that means a few things: baby cows being born in public barns, spinning rides manned by pedophiles, and more than 50 kinds of food being sold on a stick.

Yep. STICKS. Forget paper plates, inconvenient balancing acts of rolling food on flat surfaces. Step up to the concession stand, and walk away with your meal, no need to even find a chair or table.
 It's brilliant, yes?
I grew up attending the New York State Fair.  The fair was so large then, it took 3 days to see it all. Now, Over one million people will pass through the gates. Look at this:

 GEDDES, NY (WSYR-TV) – A record number of people came out to the Great New York State Fair on its third day Saturday.  At days end, 115,324 people had turned out to the fairgrounds.  That’s 29,690 more people than last year.
The number of visitors also bests the previous attendance record of 94,959 set back in 2003.

 All the more reason to offer portable food. 
 I was reminded by my fave station: NPR, about all the other great state fairs, and started to think I need to make more road trips.
Here's some food on the stick selections.

The chocolate covered twinkie
 ...a precursor to the new deep fried twinkie, coated in white chocolate, rolled in nuts and dipped in whipped cream. ( not kidding)
 There are traditional foods on a stick like cotton candy, candy apples, and now, cinnamon buns, pie and even deep fried snickers, or oreos on a stick.
At Woman's Day, they explore more "meals on a stick", while here you can see some absolutely gross items, more joke than dinner I hope. Seahorses? really?

Most of the state fairs I found were bragging of 50-70 individual foods offered "on the stick"
 For real??

see some of them here: 

Are you wondering, like me, how many people jabbed themselves with the stick while eating?

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