Thursday, September 23, 2010

American Idol, I'm not Judging... but.

You're kidding, right?

It was announced live: here that the new judges for AI this year are Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and the good old stand-by  ( looking fatter and darker than ever) Randy Jackson.
 I'm not feeling good about this. A Latin Diva. A boozing  aging rocker and a guy who calls everyone, "Dog."

Maybe this is one season I will tape and skim at my leisure, hoping to avoid the thirteen worst performances... thirteen more times. You have seen them, haven't you?
  Oh dear Lord.  

 I want to be positive, want to give this revamp a chance, especially when I read that they aren't going to force the singers to perform out of their style.. which was always a problem for me. If someone is a country singer and you try to make them into a hot rocker with no hint of twang, how are you allowing them to be authentic, how are you showcasing their talents? You are merely playing puppet master.

Maybe Lythgoe finally "gets, it, Dog."

Or maybe I am just still jonesing for the old summer hit sorta Idol show: Rockstar.

And, yes, I am still pissed that they replaced Rockstar with Pirate Master? Really?? 

Sigh. Another brilliant move. I need to give up TV and move on.
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