Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small Town News, no Anna Nicole Smith

In my town, there are two kinds of news. Bad news and worse news.
Okay, my town is just like yours. My town is just like the WORLD NEWS at 7pm.

Usually I will skim the bad things, pass over the fifteen thousand foreclosure entires , glance at the DUI pictures and definitely be amused at one or two times in our dinky little local paper on Thursdays when I can read about someone changing their name from Bob Jones to Prince Bigstuff, or the guy who changed his name from Robert John Stephenson III to They.

Yep. Now, he can be the one everyone is talking about when the phrase, "Well, you know what They say... " is uttered.
I saved this paper for long enough that it began to yellow, just so I can show you ... well, go on. Read it.
No, not the top article about opinions shared at education meeting, but the one below:
 I especially like the Sherriff's Dept. spokeswoman's comment. "It is what is was. It was six plants, not a major grow."
"Ohh -kay."

And now let's read the article to the right: TEEN FACES DRUG CHARGES AFTER BROWNIES SICKEN 5. ... 17 yr old faces drug charges after authorities say students were sickened by brownies believed to be laced with marijuana....
Maybe he should have bought his pot from the TV dude.
 Just sayin'

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