Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Birth of an e-book. The death of tradition?

 So, yeah.
 Are you as confused as I am?

I saw an 80 yr old man reading a book on his I-pad at the car dealership waiting room yesterday and I was all, WTF? Really??
I had to run home and pull some John Cheever off my shelf to calm down.

Okay. no. I didn't. I came home and kissed my Kindle- which sounds sexy, but wasn't.

let's talk about the new world of books, shall we?
  I wrote about my own e-book here, well sorta.

 Jane Friedman of Writer's Digest talks about publishing trends here.
One of the best articles and Q and A's I've read in a long time.

Noted is the lack of respect for the modern editor. Sigh. Great blog post here.

And all of that means... what to you, my book loving friend?

 This weekend, I will be appearing at the Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, GA for a gathering of over 300 authors and a writers and poets and book junkies.

My literary journal and writing contest, SCRATCH will be performing readings on Saturday, giving away back scratchers and raffling off a briefcase ( to buy our beer), all weekend long.

Of course, we're debuting my book, SIMPLE INTENT. Yay. Get that autograph now, before you have to pay for one. Heh heh.

We're also promoting the amazing collaboration called, Write by the Water: a writers retreat, and giving everyone who stops by FREE WATER.
YEP. You heard it here first. FREE WATER.

So follow along on facebook ( or twitter. ( @lindasands)
 I will be posting pictures, and comments... as will my fellow SCRATCHERS.
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