Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've put it off much too long. MUST BUY BOOTS.

It's an illness. Isn't it? An addiction no man can cure. It's the sickest kind of love.
It's boxes hidden in the bottom of the trash can, purchases made on anonymous gift cards. It's shoe love.
 It's boot porn. It's sole for the soul.
It's me in my closet trying not to count. It's me buying yet another little black shoe.

It's you buying the same shoe twice because you loved it so much the first time around.

It's every wise woman getting to know her local cobbler and the expensive area's best consignment store.
 It's us wishing for Manolo and Prada and Christian LaCroix, Dolce Gabbana on the sale rack.

It's me sitting her with a stack of gift cards and an itchy mouse finger.
It's me in flip flops and a bad pedicure searching for thigh high boots.

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