Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writers Unite!

It's like a whole different kind of Labor Day. One with books and readers and authors and corn dogs and beer. It's like the State Fair meets Bookworms.
It was the Decatur Book Festival.
 We had a booth for SCRATCH and WRITE BY THE WATER, as well an introduction to my e-book, Simple Intent.
 Oh yes, it's all the way the way.. or nothing around here.

This is scratch.

This is me telling a story... or ordering another beer from the booth across the way and hiding it in a coffee cup.

This is Dani Cook. An amazing poet, writer and WOMAN, right before we drank absinthe from a fountain. Yes, we did.

The DBF is my Labor Day weekend event. That and Dragon*Con. But not, in the true geek way. I just do "the bars" and "the elevator." hehehe
In other words, I'm a gawker. But a nice one.
This year, I took two Canadians, 2 mid westerners, 2 semi- southern gals on Atlanta's loverly MARTA system across town to the big Dragon *Con hotels, where we had a great time with drinks and music and new friends.

 One new friend is a famous artist! One is very tall and suave. And changes his outfit 10 times a day.  And one thought this Dalmation finger puppet was REAL.

Guess which new friend was really really drunk? 

I may never tell. You'll just have to join me next Labor Day weekend,  and work really really hard next to me all day, before we go out for fun, because as Aristotle said, "The end of labor is to gain leisure."
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