Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook has ruined society

You don't want to hear it. But you know it's true.

 The Zuck has changed the way we interact.... FOREVER.
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I woke up this morning thinking "in status message" format.

 If I can't reach someone on the phone or my email, there's always Facebook.
 Even if you don't know me, like me or friend me.. I can still send you a message, poke you and probably see your daughter's reaction to the visit from the tooth fairy.

And you can see me. It's not new to me. I'm a writer. I need to be seen. I don't care of you hate me, love me, want me or want to be like me. AS long as you  are reading this. See? That's the ugly truth.

There are ways to access facebook and twitter pages, as well as emails and photo accounts, even the videos of your wedding that you posted on vimeo for family and friends. I have people ask me all the time.. how did you know??

The Internet = No Secrets

I have been online for YEARS. I know when you read my blog, what pages you viewed, what computer you accessed it from and how long you were on. I know your IP address and how fast your internet runs at your house.

But it's not stalking.

It's not wasting time.

It's normal.

Is it?

I honestly cannot remember the last telephone call I had with a family member or gal pal. ( I know. I know. I hate the phone, and have for many many years.)

But with FB and texting and email. I can do 3 things at once, with multiple recipients.

I am going to argue that it is a multi- tasker's dream. And hope you don't read between the lines and see... we... are.. all.. nosy.. bitches... who are bored.... at work.

As Zuckerman says,
Privacy is no longer a social norm.
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