Thursday, February 10, 2011

SAHM Fashion Trends

Spring is almost here, and if you're like most SAHMs, that means you'll be changing out your fleece sweat suit and sneakers for some jersey capris, t-shirt and sandals.

Of course, you may want to embrace the 2011 Spring Hairdo Trend. Guess what? It's bangs and bobs. Again.

Should I admit now that when I was browsing shoes on Piperlime at 6 am I actually keyed in the words Spring 2010 fashion.
 And yeah, we both know this is 2011.

So, if you rarely shower before noon, find yourself bra-less in a ball cap and yoga pants most days when the Fedex guy shows up, I'm doing you a favor.

What to wear when you finally get out of the house this Spring, so you won't look like a total hermit or overworked Mommy who got her fashion tips from the Victoria's Secret Catalog.

  • wide legged and bell bottomed jeans or trousers   (bye bye skinny jeans)
  • lace, crochet, macrame accents ( not a bikini or a dress, please)
  • floral and billowy tops  (this does not mean you can ditch the diet.)
  • wedge shoes, booties     (walking downhill will never be the same)
  • accessories that are textured: wooden, leather, neutrals
  • denim, denim, denim  (finally, the 70's are back.)
  • biker- inspired clothes and accessories  (aim for sleek leather and zippers, not rocker skank)
  • maxi dress (sheer, is one way... but probably not for you.)
  • capri pants (stop cheering. Yours are probably stained from jello shooters.)
  • jumpsuit, not catsuit (yes, it will be a bitch to go pee.)
  • stripes  ( maybe not horizontal. just sayin')
  • crop tops and long tail hemlines ( if you're under 35)
  • clogs ( 'nuf said.)
  • kitten heels  (no animals were harmed in the naming of this shoe)
  • cat eye sunglasses ( whew. I have the perfect pair in my glove box!)
  • the belt purse  ( not a murse. not a fanny pack)

good luck SAHMs and happy dressing
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