Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a forest out there, Mr. Gump, said Chris Brown on GMA.

Sometimes, do you find the internet a confusing mass of misinformation, instead of the answers to all your trivial questions about THAT song or THAT show or THAT girl?

 I know I rely on it too much for research, but really, there are no reasons to go to the library anymore. Unless you want to catch a virus or eavesdrop on necking teenagers.

But here's the thing. When I'm bopping around looking for one quick answer to a - insert air finger quotes here- research question, I may spend another two hours putzing around on the links the question sends me to, or the blog of the person quoted in the answer, or  shopping for shoes because an ad popped up and man, those are some cute shoes!

You feel me?

I have multiple blogs, multiple facebook pages and multiple personalities- nah, not really. I just like stringing examples in sets of threes.

AT any rate, here's me today, effectively enacting my PRODUCTIVE PROCRASTINATION. I woke up today to an email from my ebook  publisher telling me they had finally honored my request to drop the cost of my ebook, Simple Intent, for a short while- as a "marketing test."
 He asked me to post a few notices to my facebook pages and my facebook friends' pages. Sure. great idea. I check the clock and give myself a set stopping time.

Thirty minutes after the set stopping time, I look up from a page about Chris Brown doing his non-anger management thing again. I don't even know how I got there. It was like my brain was saying, post info. move forward. finish task. get back to novel page - scene in the building with Jojo, but my fingers had a totally different idea: who's doing who? What the hell is that? And really? A monkey and a bullfrog?


Is there a name for Internet surfing ADD?
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