Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tsunami of backlogged posts #1

 Consider this your warning. The wave of blog posts are on the way. All it will take is a few hours of buttinchair combined with singular focus and childfree space. Or a couple of beers and some sunshine.

Catching you up first with the birthday fun.
 Yep. I did it again. Got older, that is.
 I am just as much of a snarky, stubborn PITA as I was at 20, but now I can target my attacks so much better. See? Older AND wiser.

 There were chocolate pudding shots. yep.

Followed by people shooting each other.

And then, we shared birthday cupcakes, in the way only friends can share with friends.

Brian thinks being fed goodies is "Just swell!!"

 Before the teams arrived

I made bacon vodka... no one was brave enough to drink it

Best team ever!

 The year we saw the Elvis impersonator after a road rally... was sort of like this

 The year we went to a fancy 7 course dinner thing with way too much wine- there were taters, so this is our version of the potato induced memory-- of course, my friends made it be sexual

The party bus took off with GPS coordinates- and a really bad navigator

one determined group!                                         Success! the geocache

                                              Part 2- Mexican bar with huge beers

part 3 - a dive bar.. where the buxom broads loved the gay man

shots and lots of water.. and beers

 Girls will be girls- LADY MARMALADE

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