Friday, March 18, 2011

Multi Tasking like Lady Gaga meets Octo Mom

from TVB

 In the Spring, many of my neighbors clean out garages and sheds. They cut back hedges and rake up last Fall's leaves. I see kids finally old enough to push a mower out in the yard, see parents pointing more than doing. Trash cans fill up by the curb.

Out with the old. In with the new.

How does this work in your life?
 Is it a cycle, where you purge closets and attic space because you grew up doing the Spring cleaning/ wardrobe seasonal switch?

 Or does the "new season" make you grow in other ways, forcing the cleaning and purging because you've got a new job, a better house, the kids are growing up and don't need all that now that you're moving to Switzerland?

I find myself swamped every March. Mostly by self- imposed deadlines and calendar events the I SCHEDULED... yeah. me.
Can't help but wonder what the draw was? To complete everything so I can enjoy lazy summer days? Or to catch up after I farted around all Winter? Sigh.
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