Friday, May 27, 2011

Am I too slutty for Badminton?

Apparently there is a proper dress code for badminton. 
 I know.
You thought since it started with B.A.D. you could just run out and smack some birdies wearing your Def Leppard tee and cut-off jeans. Uh-uh, not happenin' sista.

According to this article, women players must now wear skirts... to appear more "womanly."
That's what it says.

Later they say something, blah blah blah about wanting to increase the waning viewership... so, why not put them in bikinis? It worked for women's beach volleyball. I bet some men in the stands don't even know the score at those events, unless they're counting how many times a butt cheek is flashed or a boob slip happens.

Badminton guys can wear this

or this

but the girls need to wear this from now on

which is causing problems with female players in Muslim countries... but that's a whole different story.

I say put the BAD back in badminton. Let the players choose.
we might see something like this:

or this:

which, I can pretty much assure you would do a helluva lot for the men's sport of competitive birdie swatting.
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