Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How my daughter solved my time issues.

She said, "Just get up three hours earlier, then you'll have the time to do all that."
 Uh, no. Then I would find something to put in that slot. I'm pretty certain.

 What is the answer? Give something up? How do I choose what to give up? 
 Coin toss? Pro and Con list?  

My daughter is one to talk about fitting it all in. I have never heard her say NO, to any activity. Except maybe homework...
 Look at me, taking advice from a tween. Sigh.

 SO, until I figure it out, I'll be blogging here at AGT and over at OOT- talking about shopping and deals and new stuff you want but don't need. 
 And over here at You Won't Go Blind, which sometimes sounds like You won't go blond to me.. which makes me giggle.

Also, you can find me behind the curtain at SCRATCH. ( for all you writers and poet peeps) and for the readers out there- come on by Smashwords and downloads some words.

 Of course, we must be connected on Facebook and Twitter, right? I mean, you are real, aren't you, Internet?

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