Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's on a writer's bucket list?

Most likely:

  •  publication in the New York Times
  • Paris Review or Playboy
  • landing the NYC agent
  • selling to the top 3 legacy publishers
  • attending Breadloaf, and not as a waiter
  • being asked to be the Keynote speaker at an international event
  • appearing as a guest on GMA during book week
  • meeting your literary idols- whomever they might be for you
  • selling your novel to Hollywood
  • seeing your name in lights
  • attending the Iowa Writers' Workshop- until you found out this.

which brings up that whole art as form thing. shown on this guy's bucket list.

My bucket list as a writer is more of a bunch of cramped notes in a dog-eared journal, a combination of prayers to a deaf God, hopeful meanderings of an optimist and desires that dwindled as I aged.

Yes, many are checked off, but not half as many as the number I've added to the bottom.
I'm determined to live a long, long life.
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