Friday, July 1, 2011

Paint yer Wagon, or T-Shirt

IMAG1204 by Another Good Thing
IMAG1204, a photo by Another Good Thing on Flickr.

In Daytona Beach, there's a famous airbrush shirt shop, run by very old, grumpy people who will screw up your order, not refund your money and them screw up your order again.

Do not give them your money.
Go across the street to GEORGE, whose motto is: "You say, I spray it."

He will make you laugh and will be certain your shirt , or shoe or license plate or wagon is EXACTLY what you want.

He might also point out that from his doorway, the name of the crappy place across the street reads: SHI-T SHACK.

This is my part of helping the little guy... until the old people die.
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