Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Theater Experience at Home

Oh yeah.
Avoid those bothersome cackling hens in the row behind, the fat guy with his enormous tub of popcorn, and hey, you can even answer your cell phone during the show without ANYONE complaining.

It's the beauty of watching movies in your living room. I haven't even mentioned that you can wear your jammies, drink a nice glass of wine and forget about expensive candy or parking lot traffic...
It's perfect.

 Even more perfect if you have these kind of feature movies to choose from. It's Hollywood at Your Fingertips.

We had a carload of kids on vacation, and were able to download to computers, and mobile devices, instantly. Gone are the days of the portable DVD player, a stack of DVDs and a whole bunch of cables and cords.   When we need a fix for our movie junkies we just click and download. Check it out.

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