Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hungry? Eat your clothes. Not kidding.

Just ran across this bizarre site.
Edible clothing.

Like this hat.

Okay, you might be saying, Linda, be serious that is just a chick with a cinnamon bun in her head. Oh yeah? Well, what about this from a recent fashion show where all of the
 elements were made of chocolate?
 I am thinking it could be the next Project Runway challenge.

Sure, we have all seen candy underwear. Those sheets of nasty green stick to your teeth "candy" and even some made of the strung candy necklaces or Smarties. But what about knitting up a pair yourself, with licorice laces?
Oh, what the heck. Let's go all the way. Give me a meal. Give me a spaghetti dress with a meatball necklace.  In the words of Tim Gunn, "Designers!??! Make it work."

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