Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wondering what you should do NEXT Labor Day?

This Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, 
There were cocktails. 

Specifically this:

But our dude at Noche made it so much more sexy.

The taxi took us back to the bargain hotel, where we saw this in the lot. The desk clerk could not confirm if Johnny was in the house... but she didn't deny it. We were drunk enough to discuss a ding dong ditch approach to get all the suite doors to open, but instead decided to

  raid the pantry... for balls, I mean apples.
I emptied my pockets to find- not a stranger's digits- but my doodles of the chef and the bar back.
Though we did meet a really cool chick who was planning her dog's wedding. 
CNN is going to be there. No, I'm serious. 

The next day, we headed to the Decatur Book Fest, where we heard some readings, shopped for books and trinkets. A shirt, perhaps?
After lunch and beers, I asked the bartender to do a shot with me. He insisted I try his fav. Holy shit.

See what these professionals say about it. Too funny!

I didn't eat the tittle pop. I swear.

But I think she did.

After a day of books and readings and words, words, words, we headed over to 
Dragon*Con with our day pass. We were greeted by some very large teeth.

Look! It's Candyland.
It's Queen Frostine  and King Candy!
What are you talking about?
 From the game, Candyland, you know.
 I never played it.
 You're kidding. What kind of childhood did you have, you poor girl?
I know. Where's the bar?

I think she's shooting her plastic surgeon but I could be wrong. 
( look at the face on the guy in the background.)
This dude came looking for love. We must have seen him at 3 of the 5 hotels. I wonder how he made out? He should have made the poster into a t-shirt. A very long t-shirt.
( Of course, I went home, zoomed in on the fine print, found the guy's website and am sharing it here. Hoping for geek love. CHUPACABRA.

One of my favorite things about Dragon*Con is the group costumes. I would totally do this.

I met a funny guy in the bar I asked him to give me some of his best "lines" in his honey Southern drawl: This was good. He said, "I'm not here for a long time. I'm here for a good time." I had fun teasing him later about the free shot he wanted to give me. It looked like urine. He was drunk enough to actually start believing me when I said the bartender was playing a joke on him and there was a hidden camera. Boy. Drunk people are fun to tease.

I borrowed this pic from someone else's public posting to show how much skin is at The Con. This was tame, actually. Later that night we chased down a girl in four stripes of red paint. Yep. That was her economical costume.
We chased down red stripe girl after being convinced to start a website posting all the butts of Dragon*Con. Apparently, I can be easily influenced after drinking fake urine shots.

Everybody wants their ass on the web.

 And some, want their hairy chests up there too.

That's enough punishment for one day.... until tomorrow
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