Sunday, March 11, 2012

Setting fire to crap in your life

After 10 years of bunko themes, I may have had the best idea yet.

Yes, there was some Elvis on the I-pod, and yes. There was fire...not STD's.

The girls rose to the challenge and brought things they wanted to clear out of their present, and their past. We not only burned the bad shit, but also, wrote nice new intentions and gave those up to the fire... releasing them as positive affirmations.

Of course, we had wine. and beer. and more wine. Here's Jen telling her home ownership troubles and then burning her upside down mortgage note that she was released from. 

Sometimes, we have to let go of old notions of ourselves. Here's a gal saying good bye to her ass of the past, and the thong that no longer fits.

The fire got going with some synthetics added in... a fancy nylon bra,that represented a youthful body, and an old boyfriend,  a polyester sweater went up in flames way to fast, but served to remind the owner to clear out her closets more often.

We all agreed that flowers for Valentine's day are pretty much a waste of money. Burn it.

All in all, it was a freeing feeling, and one that I recommend everyone experience at least once in their life. Toss it. Burn it. Release its hold on you. Then eat chocolate.
                                                As Adele says, set fire to the rain.

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