Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After a while all those Facebook stories blend together

In a period of a few weeks, I have noticed a lot of old, grizzled black dogs dying. 

Or maybe it's just that the people on Facebook are talking about it—and posting pictures— and people are commenting on their loss—which makes the post stay current. But, seriously, are a lot of black dogs dying? 

I know it's sad, but hey, where are all the white dogs? 
I can't tell you the last time I saw a picture of an old dog, with folks saying good-bye and thanks for being part of our family.. and the pooch was white. 
What is up with that?

Here is a sad tale of white dog that rescuers found too late. I won't post the pic.

Here is an adorable video of a big white dog named Albert. 

while searching for photos of old, recently deceased white dogs, I discovered more than THREE posts about " white dog poo." I kid you not. Apparently, if you never pick it up off the sidewalk, it will turn to white powder... and poo- poof! disappears.

 ** also, there is a type of Moonshine in the Maryland area that is called White Dog
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