Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I don't have a swooping hairstyle, but I have a lazy eye

This is one of those rambling poorly punctuated, misspelled timer's set I've got ten minutes kind of posts.
 You know, typical Linda.

I'll go backwards first.
In college, I dated a very hot, straight hairstylist named Don. He was model gorgeous. Blond, blue-eyed, slim, but muscular. He was banging every broad in the hair salon, I later found out.. and some of them in the tanning bed... but that is beside the point.
 The thing is, he was staying over one night, in the house I shared with three men ( WHOLE other story), and he said, I need to show you something. Now you are going to see the real me.
 Um. yeah. that is EXACTLY like I felt.
I watched as he went to the mirror, poked around in his eye, then placed a single lens in a contact case.
When he turned around, his left eye was pointing directly at his nose, while his right eye stared at me, looking a bit ashamed.
For the money, I still thought he was beautiful.

Yesterday, when the news came out that doctors are warning kids and celebs that the

swoop over one eye hairstyle

 may be giving them lazy eye.. lack of light and stimulation, decreased muscle use, overuse to other eye... blah blah blah, I thought of two things: Don and Diane Sawyer, because she has a droopy left eyelid like me, and sometimes, when I'm really tired I hide it with a strong side part and long bangs.

Of course, Heidi Klum makes it look good with her hair pulled back.

And that is a whole lot of story to say, no one's eyes are perfect, as a matter of fact two of the top 20 super models of the 80's have one smaller eye. Go see. 

To me, they are still beautiful.
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