Monday, July 9, 2012

I was thinking it, and she said it...

It's a case of deja said. Or yeah, what she said.

 I have been slam dunk busy the last few months with fixing up and clearing house 1, while buying, outfitting and decorating a second home, and also buying, outfitting and redecorating a kid for college... you know how that goes. Oh, yeah, there's this pesky little book in the mix as well, that I am thinking about 24 hours a day and working on about .5 hours a day. Um. Yep. Until August 6.

So, because I always have something in my pocket... I reach in, pick off the lint and give you this teaser:
 Write By The Water has a new home on the gulf coast, and will be coming on strong starting this October.

 Be something like what this gal says. But, cooler. Oh, so much cooler. IKR?

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