Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Facebook messages gone creepy.

We all get them. Those odd inboxed messages from strangers.
Perhaps they were simply bored on their lunch hour, or amusing themselves during a train commute by trolling Facebook, and somehow, either linked from a picture or a comment, or a mistyping, they saw your face, or your horse photo or your funny status and felt a connection.
And sometimes, you feel the connection back, and you immediately begin a friendship, or a networking relationship, or at the very least, now YOU have a new page to pop in on and look/lurk around. ;)
 But lately, there have been creepy Facebook messages.

 Sure, there are the cut and paste harmless dating ones like these:

Hi Dear,i saw ur picture it's cute i think is going to be interesting meeting you and knowing more about you

 and the more detailed, and generally lacking in both proper grammar and punctuation 

hello angel, my name is Jason and i am originally from Germany but i stay in united states where i work as a contractor and it a great pleasure for me to write you at this moment of time , how are you doing and your physical well being including thee atmospheric condition of your area, hope all is moving on fine and smoothly... i am very interested in you and i would be very happy if we can be friend and get to know more about each other and see where it lead us too ...

How are you really doing?My Name is Williams Hardy ,I'm a 31rys single monther of a 6years old daughter her name is Tracy I came inside your profile and it really so sound nice and good,I will really like too know you more better if you don't mind, and tell me what kind of man and a relationship are you really looking for?I must tell you that am really looking for my Soul mate and True Love.Hope too read back from you real soon

followed by many in languages I neither read nor speak like this:


 and this guy, whose message is shorter than his name

 Gulyam Maribasappa Rajendra Prasad
  • I Would like to be Your Friend

of course there are messages from total idiots like this:

 You're awfully pretty. Do you really write for a living? That's a strange thing to do.

But today, this one from a young woman both saddened me and creeped me out:

hello am looking for someone who can take care of me and love me as her own daughter.

I know what you're going to say... "Turn off public messaging." But then, I may miss out on something... and that something might be the next book...

or at least an interesting Tweet. ;)

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