Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What are you reading and where did you find your book?

I used to read whatever was kindly reviewed and listed in my local paper.
Until my local paper fired the reviewers, shut down the books page and pretty much started to suck.
 Then, I looked online and saw what others were reading. I liked that writer and she was reading that book, so I'd try it too.
That worked out great for a while, but now, I can barely find the writers I like,as they are all hidden by the loads of crappy writers out there sucking up the oxygen in the writing world... again, with the sucking.
 Sometimes now, I look at ... gag... book trailers.

 Here are some I'd never, ever, buy.

 here's a great trailer for a book I bought because I think the author is hilarious!

Mostly, I just need to remember to go here, or here and find something that jumps out at me. Or keep attending book festivals and conferences and keep my ears open for the words that send me rushing home to write.

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