Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When did aging=teary-eyed sap?

When did this happen? When did I become a teary-eyed sap, bawling at every happy love stories, the salvation of a sinner, the adoption of a three legged dog?

Where did my inner tough guy go? 

I used to never be caught crying- regardless of the circumstances. I'd pinch my leg to feel pain rather than shed a tear. No break-ups, test failures, upset parents, feuding friends, dead pets would cause me to break down in public. ( Alone, in my room? Totally different story.)
I remember laughing at a friend's mom when we were teens. The woman cried during a daytime animated showing of CINDERELLA for goodness sake. Who doesn't know how THAT story ends? We had to bring her tissues and later watched her cure her puffy eyes with slices of cucumbers.

Today, that could be me.

  It doesn't take much to move me now. From home renovation shows to family reunions on reality shows to the girl from nowhere singing her heart out on a stage in front of Brittney Spears to a beautiful dance where the interpretation is mine alone. Heck, last week, I almost lost it in the aisle of the grocery store reading Hallmark Anniversary cards.

So, what is it? Hormones? Growth gained through life lessons? A stronger emotional attachment? Greater sense of self? That feeling of I finally don't care what the world thinks of me? Or am I going soft, realizing my mortality and feeling an empathy greater than vanity? 

Because, God knows we ain't pretty cryers... 

 Whatever the reason. I chose to embrace this softer side of me, and feel as deeply as possible, for as long as possible.

For your entertainment, here's a few of your movie star toughies connecting with their inner cry baby.

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